Dave Chappelle Tackled While Performing at  Hollywood Bowl

in Los Angeles, Stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked while performing on stage Tuesday at the Hollywood Bowl

during the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival, a man rushing on to the stage and tackling the performer to the ground

The attacker then gets up and attempts to run off the stage before being caught and tackled by what appear to be security personnel and members of Chappelle's crew.

Comedian Chris Rock, who had performed a set earlier, came onstage with Chappelle just after the attack, saying, "That was Will Smith?"

Chappelle has been a controversial figure due to his frequent jokes about transgender people and the perception that he suffers from transphobia.

It is understood that actor Jamie Foxx rushed onto the stage to help Chappelle and arrest the attacker.

Chappelle and his comedy have grabbed headlines in recent months, largely due to his Netflix comedy special “The Closer.”