Bitcoin Price: Half of investors' money in six months

Bitcoin Price: Half of investors' money in six months

Bitcoin, the largest crypto token in terms of market capitalization, fell below $33,000 on Monday.

Since November, the price of bitcoin has fallen by more than 50 percent.

The price of Bitcoin had reached a lifetime high of $67,566 in November, 2021, with half the investors' money sunk.

The market cap of this cryptocurrency also came down to $ 627.02 billion.

due to the slowdown in the global economy, rising interest rates, inflation concerns, the global crisis related to the economy, the prices of bitcoin have fallen so much.

sentiment is negative among all types of investors due to the increase in interest rates and concerns related to inflation across the world. Because of this, negative sentiment has been seen in Bitcoin and the crypto market in general.

the market capitalization of other crypto assets has also declined by about 50 percent.

The total market cap of crypto assets has fallen from $3.15 trillion in November last year to $1.51 trillion.

the dominance of Bitcoin in crypto assets has increased further. At present, the market share of Bitcoin has reached 41.64 percent in the crypto market.