Simal Lakra Biography, Family, Age, Manisha kumari Lifestory, Family, Age, Simal And Manisha Lovestory

Simal Lakra Biography, Family Age Manisha kumari Lifestory, Family, Age, Simal And Manisha Lovestory

Simal And Manisha Lovestory/ Simal Lakra Biography/ Family/ Age/Manisha kumari Lifestory/ Family/Ag

Simal Lakra Biography:

Hello Friends, Today we will talk about the increasingly viral cute couple Simal Lakra and Manisha kumari. Friends, you must have seen a lot of cute couples but you must not have seen love like Simal because their love is unique, who watches their videos and see them, then only one question arises in everyone’s mind why their age to read and write so early.

Today in this post we will tell you their love story. Career education and where they are from will also tell you the real reason for getting married at such a young age and how was the journey from college to marriage, so today’s post is also going to be interesting.

Simal Lakra and Manisha kumari age:

Simal ‘s full name Simal Lakra
birth date 18 October 2006
Manisha’s full Manisha kumari
birth date 20 may 2007
village uttarakhand

Simal’s age 16 years
Manisha’s age 15 years
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