Sehwag0055 & Ridhi Biography, age, family, lovestory, lifestyle, Relation, Marriage, career

sehwag and riddhi age

Sehwag0055 & Ridhi Biography, age, family, love story, lifestyle, Relation, Marriage, career, SehwagRiddhiVlog

Sehwag0055 & Ridhi Biography:

Sehwag and riddhi age: Hello Friends, Today we will talk about the increasingly viral cute couple Sehwag and Ridhi. Friends, you must have seen a lot of cute couples but you must not have seen love like Sehwag because their love is unique, who watches their videos and see them, then only one question arises in everyone’s mind why their age to read and write so early.

Today in this post we will tell you their love story. Career education and where they are from will also tell you the real reason for getting married at such a young age and how was the journey from college to marriage, so today’s post is also going to be interesting. To know the cute love story of the cute couple, if you have come to our blog with our post, then please press the welcome on you so that you can get the notification of our upcoming updates.

 ridhi and Sehwag age:

Sehwag’s full name Sehwag thakor
birth date 18 October 2006
Riddhi’s full Riddhi Thakur
birth date 2007
village shilaj village, Ahmedabad
Sehwag’s age 16 years
Riddhis age 15 years
instagram Sehwag 0055

So let’s guide you while not wasting much of your time, Sehwag’s full name is Sehwag thakor and it is famous on social media as Sehwag 0055. he was born on 18 October 2006 in the shilaj village of Ahmedabad and Riddhi’s full name is Riddhi Thakur. Riddhi was born in 2007 in shilaj village, Ahmedabad. Sehwag and ridhi age. Both these couples belong to the same village. According to 2021, Sehwag’s age is 16 years and Riddhis age is 15 years. riddhi Sehwag age.

Let’s see how was the journey from medical education to love Baby and Sehwag did their schooling from the same school in shilaj village. The swinging water, you know more, in Dayawan, after changing the color for me in my heart, this matter from bowl to thinking changed their difference into love. But when the people of the family came to know about them, they told you good and bad from the video and refused to get married but both these couples stuck to their insistence.Sehwag0055 & Ridhi Biography.

He had even given up eating and drinking in the electrical service. When the family members saw these people, they did not go there and said that we will get you married but on one condition you will complete your further studies. Sehwag Aditi is completing her further studies. With great fanfare, the families of these two married so many people. Age talk to persons about the physical status of every fitness and body fortified kg and 3/4 footprint and body two kg of the person.

Let’s talk about fan following on social media. Meri Rodi Tera Raja Pani To Meri Body Mein Pehle Darwaza 8 10 December 2020 The same newspaper joined his arrest in the name of Sehwag Double Zero, on which his 124 posts have followers of the last 5 6. They have their own YouTube channel called Sehwag Double Zero Indian Hai Ka Hindu, so friends, how did you like the cute couple’s love story,a YouTube channel called Sehwag Double Zero Indian Hai Ka Hindu, so friends, how did you like the cute couple’s love story,

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