RS raju sadhu biography, age, wiki, 564, instagram, Love Story, Real Name, Raju Roshani,

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RS raju sadhu biography, age, wiki, 564, instagram, Love Story, Real Name, Raju Roshani,

You must have seen this video in Lockdown last year because this video was going viral very fast on social media at that time, in which this boy was crying and telling his problem. Actually, this boy and this girl had got married after running away and then both of them were also very upset.

RS Raju sadhu biography:

Actually, the name of this boy is Raju Sadhu and the name of his wife is Roshni. Both of them live in a small village in  Jharkhand.
According to reports, it is said that both of them are of age ( boy 17 years, girl 16 years ). raju sadhu biography.

RS Raju sadhu wiki:

rs raju sadhu age

RAJU SADHU AGE  17 years
ROSHNI AGE  16 years

Raju Roshni Pregnant, baby name:

Raju and Roshni are both going to be parents because Roshni is pregnant and very soon a little child playing a character is going to come to their house.

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RAJU And ROSHANI Real Love Story:

The story of Raju and Roshni’s love story begins with a small school in their village. According to Raju sadhu, when he first saw Roshni, he fell in love with her, and he tried hard to impress Roshni. These are those days when the year 2015 was going on.

But Roshni did not like Raju at all at that time and Raju used to be very upset about this, Raju tried hard to make Roshni believe in his love but Roshni is not ready to love Raju in any way. It was because she was afraid of her family members too.

By the way, Roshni was a very simple school girl and she says that falling in love with someone is just a waste of time and in today’s time one should focus only on her career and not on useless things. Because of this, she did not talk to Raju in the beginning and neither did she increase her relationship with him.

Raju had become so madly in love with Roshni that he started cutting the veins of his hand and once he
had written Roshni’s name by cutting his hand with a blade and when Roshni came to know about this, he expressed his fear. Leaving Raju’s love accepted, because Roshni had come to know that in this world she could not find such a loving boy like Raju.

RAJU and ROSHANI Marrrige:

All the villagers had come to know about Raju and Roshni’s love, due to which Roshni stopped going out of the house, and then after some time Raju and Roshni made a plan to marry each other and when this happened. When he told the matter to his parents, they did not agree to this, after which both of them ran away from the house and after running both of them got married.

When both of them ran away from home and got married, they had very little money, which ended after a few days and there was a lockdown in the whole country due to Corona. After this both of them faced a lot of difficulties and then after some time their family members called them to them and both of them happily started living together at their house.

Both of these people upload their own romantic videos together on social media and they also have a channel on Youtube that has more than 5 lakh Subscribers and from social media these people at least 75 thousand to 1 lakh of the month.

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