Kavya Chopra biography, date of birth, jee rank, age, family, school, FIITJEE, allen, 300

Kavya Chopra biography, date of birth, jee rank, age, family, school, FIITJEE, Allen, Instagram, parents,

kavya chopra biography

Kavya Chopra biography:

Kavya Chopra makes history by being the 1st female to secure 300 out of 300 marks in JEE Main exam.

Kavya Chopra, who gained a perfect 300 in JEE Main March 2021 exam, aims to pursue BTech from IIT Bombay.

Kavya Chopra has been a meritorious student since the beginning. She passed Class 10th  with 97.6% marks. After qualifying INJSO in 10th std, she attended the camp at Homi Bhabha Centre. She has also qualified for IOQP, IOQC, and IOQM.

Kavya Chopra strategy:

Kavya Chopra says that she spends almost 7-8 hours on her studies daily and dedicates equal time to all three subjects properly.

Kavya Chopra says the best atmosphere, best peer group, and competition of Kota cannot be found anywhere in the country, that’s why she decided to come to Kota to prepare for JEE.

Kavya Chopra wiki:

Father Vikas Chopra (Software Engineer)
Mother Shikha Chopra (Teacher)
JEE Main 2021 (March Attempt) 300/300 marks and 100 percentile
Date of Birth 6 January 2004
kavya Chopra age 17 years old
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kavya Chopra rank

Delhi’s Kavya Chopra (17) has emerged as the female topper in the IIT-JEE (Advanced) results announced on Friday. Earlier, She had scored 300 out of 300 in the IIT-JEE main exam held in March this year.

In the JEE (Advanced) released on Friday, Kavya scored 286 out of 360 with an overall score of 98. However, she holds the top rank among women.

kavya Chopra school name,

An alumnus of Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Kavya said that she wants to do computer science from IIT-Delhi. “I live in Delhi so I think location-wise IIT-Delhi would be convenient for me, and it is one of the best IITs in the country. And as far as computer science is concerned, I have been very inclined towards mathematics since childhood. That’s why I want to go in that direction and I felt computer science came closest to that,” said Kavya, who lives in Rajouri Garden.

Chopra’s interest in mathematics is due to her mother – a mathematics teacher at DPS Vasant Kunj. Her father works as a project manager at IBM. She also has a younger brother who studies in class 9.

Chopra scored 97.6% marks in CBSE Class 10 exams and participated in several maths and science Olympiads while in school.

Despite consistently doing well in academics, Chopra said that She never put too much pressure on himself while preparing for the exam and believes those who did not clear should not get stuck.

“I don’t think one needs to study all day, it doesn’t work. Study as much as you can but do it efficiently. If you study for more hours it becomes unproductive because like – As you progress, efficiency goes down. I used to study for about 7-8 hours a day, not more than that.”

“I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll do after studying computer science. I think it’s okay to take the time and figure things out. Everyone in their life is through this barrier at some point in their life. Faces that you are at a total loss for what you want to do. That’s fine. Even if you haven’t cleared JEE, it’s not the end of the world. Lots of opportunities await. You can always do well in college, “she said.

Chopra herself had joined BITS Pilani as a backup plan if she had not cleared JEE (Advanced).

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