Yes, it’s true that a government job can come with some great benefits.
But if you’re looking for a sense of fulfillment in your career, you’re much more likely to find it in a hyper-growth environment where you’re constantly challenged and learning new skills. That’s why private sector jobs are often the best option for people who want to get ahead in life and not do the same monotonous task day in and day out.

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What’s my story? An engineer, in love with his job, started teaching on the side. Got lucky. Impacted 1000s of lives. Had to finally leave his job to increase the impact surface area. Raised $5M funding to fix education. Is learning day and day about startups and building a valuable product.

How is it going? A decade of engineering helps in systems thinking and product building. Learning about Strategy, Marketing, People Management, and Finance on the go.

What am I building? Today, 25 million Indians prepare for government job entrance exams. They do it for years together. The probability of success is less than 1% but they still do it. Why? For the lack of a structured alternative to launch their white-collar career. I am building Invact to bridge this gap.
How? Follow me to know, it’s a long story. I am telling it in parts every day.

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