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Ganpatrao Deshmukh biography 2021: Ganapatrao Deshmukh was born on  10 August 1962. He is an Indian politician and leader of the Indian Farmers and Workers Party (PWP). Elected 11 times in the last 54 years from Sangole in Solapur district, he is the longest-serving member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Deshmukh also briefly served as a minister in the first Sharad Pawar ministry in 1978 and later in 1999 when the PWP backed the Congress-NCP alliance. Deshmukh was first elected to the state assembly in the 1962 elections and has since won every election except the 1972 and 1995 elections. He was congratulated by the Government and the Legislative Assembly in 2012 for completing 50 years as a member.

Ganpatrao Deshmukh


Ganpatrao Deshmukh biography

Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra
In office
In office
In office
Constituency Sangola
Personal details
Born 10 August 1927
penur, British Raj
 Ganpatrao Deshmukh death

Ganpatrao Deshmukh age

30 July 2021 (aged 93)
Political party Peasants and Workers Party of India
Residence Sangole
Profession Politician

ganpatrao Deshmukh biography:

Ganapatrao Deshmukh was a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly from Sangole in the Solapur district of Maharashtra for 11 or 59 years.

Maharashtra’s longest-serving MLA Ganapatrao Deshmukh has retired after 59 years in politics
Ganapatrao Deshmukh, a member of the Farmers and Workers Party (Ganpatirao Deshmukh), took this decision citing health reasons and limited vision.

Maharashtra’s longest-serving MP Ganapatrao Deshmukh (, 3) finally celebrated this day in the field of election politics.

Deshmukh has announced that he will not contest the forthcoming Assembly elections on October 21. Deshmukh, who has been a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly 11 times or 59 years from Sangole in Solapur district, also chose his successor from the constituency.

Deshmukh, a member of the Farmers and Workers Party (PWP), made the decision citing health reasons and limited vision. At the party meeting on Sunday, Deshmukh said that Bhausaheb Rupnar, who will contest the upcoming elections from Sangole, has been representing Deshmukh for six decades.

Known as a successful entrepreneur in the Solapur district, Rupnar is the Chairman and Managing Director of Fabtech, an engineering firm.

“I have been representing Sangole for six decades. Even today, if I fight the election, I can win. However, it is important for me to stop now and allow others to take the party’s message and ideology to the grassroots, “Deshmukh said.

PWP general secretary Jayant Patil said, “I urged Aba (Ganapatrao Deshmukh) to contest, but he is adamant about his decision.”

Deshmukh, on the other hand, said that even though he is 3 years old, he will work hard to ensure Rupnar’s victory in the constituency.

Disappointed by the announcement by a person who has not decided to take a break from electoral politics, the activists left the party meeting.

ganpatrao Deshmukh family:

The Hindustan Times in its November 13, 2018, edition reported on Deshmukh’s decision not to contest the elections.

In his 59 years of electoral politics, Deshmukh contested 13 elections but lost only twice – in 1995 and 1972. In 1995, he lost by a margin of 192 votes to Sangole’s bitter battle with the Congress candidate, known as the Perennial. Drought region.

In the last elections held in 2014, Deshmukh defeated Shahajibapu Pal by more than 25,000 voters.

Notably, during his 11 terms, Deshmukh was mainly in the Opposition except in 1978 and 1999 when he briefly served as a Minister – first in the Sharad Pawar-led government and second when the PWP backed the then Congress-led NCP government.

ganpatrao Deshmukh net worth:

“Since I am mainly in the Opposition, I have struggled to get various government projects in my constituency where water scarcity is a major problem,” Deshmukh, who is credited with helping the local farmers in Sangole with the Tembhu Irrigation Project, told Hindustan during an interview last year. The project has helped irrigate more than 50,000 acres in the Sangole constituency.

Opposition parties, including the Congress, BJP, and Shiv Sena, have not been able to come up with any strong alternative against him as local farmers have consistently backed Deshmukh. “Deshmukh did not campaign much during his election campaign. The locals always support him, ”said political observer Kishor Kulkarni.

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Known for its simplicity, Deshmukh had total assets of ₹ 2.2 crores in 2014, including fixed deposits in banks, shares, and land. Arts and Law graduate Deshmukh said, “Since I could not bear the cost of campaigning during the polls, my supporters raised money and spent it on canvassing.

After Deshmukh completed 50 years in electoral politics, he was felicitated by members of the House of Representatives in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

Another Indian politician who had a long election career was M Karunanidhi, the head of Dravida Munnetra Kalagham. The Tamil politician had a 61-year election career in which he was elected MLA 13 times, without taking a break.

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