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जैसे Shishir जी ने Life के Failures को हराकर अपना Business बनाया.
वैसे हम सब भी Life में successful हो सकते हैं, Josh Skills के साथ English सीखकर –

0:00 Introduction
2:24 Kahani Ki Shuruaat
3:43 Starting And Struggle
5:08 Failures
6:26 Challenges
6:57 Risk – Taking
9:10 Four Learnings From Indian Air Force
12:20 Message For us

कई बार ऐसा है कि हमें नहीं पता होता कि हम अपनी Life में कैसे आगे बढ़ें. ऐसे समय में हमारे पास दो ही Option होते हैं या तो हम एक Failure की तरह ज़िंदगी गुज़ार दें या फिर एक नई शुरुआत करें.
ऐसा ही कुछ शिशिर दीक्षित ने किया. जब उन्हें अपनी Indian air force की नौकरी छोड़नी पड़ी तो उन्हें आगे बढ़ने का कोई रास्ता नहीं समझ आया.
तब उन्होंने अपना खुद का Business शुरु किया @CenturionDefenceAcademy के नाम से और आज वो Successful तरीके से इसे चला रहे हैं.

There are times that we do not know how to move forward in our life. We have only two options, either let us live life like a failure or begin something new.
Shishir Dixit did something similar. When he had to leave his Indian air force job, he did not understand any way to move forward.
Then he started his own business in the name of @CenturionDefenceAcademy and today he is running it successfully.

With an unmatched enthusiasm Shishir Dixit is a hands-on director with expertise in Defence sector of education being the Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy. He is a synonym of mentoring, counselling and training of defence aspirants. Through his strategic foresight and determination, Centurion Defence Academy(A Unit of Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd) has emerged as a pioneer training institute in Defence sector which towers over all opponents as an institution set up to target and convey valuable guidance as well as preparation to aspirants with the best of standards available.

Today Josh Talks team brings you one inspiring success story of a successful person who has failed multiple times in his life but always believed in the saying of “keep trying” and followed it and which finally led to his success.

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