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हम सबको Dreams देखना अच्छा लगता है और हम चाहते हैं कि वो पूरे भी हो. ऐसा ही कुछ Aamir Qutub चाहते थे. आमिर एक Businessman और Investor हैं, जो विदेश में अपना Business चलाते हैं.
पर ये सफर उनके लिए इतना आसान नहीं था. एक छोटे शहर में जन्मे आमिर हमेशा से ही कुछ अलग करना चाहते थे.
वो चाहते थे कि एक Innovative Business Idea से वो अपना कोई Business establish करें. आमिर ने अपनी कॉलेज की पढ़ाई पूरी की और घर वालों के दबाव में आकर नौकरी करना शुरु कर दिया. थोड़े समय नौकरी करने के बाद उन्होनें खुद का startup शुरु करने का सोचा और एक Freelancer के तौर पर काम किया. विदेश में अपना Business खड़ा करने की चाह के चलते आमिर Austrialia चले गए. जहां वो पढ़ाई भी कर रहे थे साथ ही अपने Business पर भी काम कर रहे थे. इस दौरान उन्होनें कई Failures और Challenges का सामना किया पर हिम्मत नहीं हारी. अपने Hard work और Determination से आज उनके Business का Turnover करोड़ो में है.
देखिये Aamir Qutub की Inspirational business success story इस जोश Talk में.

Failure – we all come in contact with it. And more often than not, we dread even entertaining the idea of failing. As a society, we see failure to be detrimental to our success. Ever since we are young, we are taught to avoid failure. But somewhere we all forget that failures carved our way to success.
Story of Aamir Qutub is also a journey of facing failures and challenges in life to achieve success.
From a small town in Uttar Pradesh Aamir went on to build a business of crores in Australia. However, the journey was not at all easy for him. Aamir always believed in himself and his dreams. He did a lot of odd jobs in order to make money but never lose his courage.
Today, he is a successful entrepreneur.

Aamir is an award-winning CEO and founder of Enterprise Monkey- a multinational digital firm with a presence in 4 countries, is an Australian Young Business Leader of the Year and an Investor and tech co-founder in 4 startups. Aamir has been appointed as Member Geelong Authority by the Minister of Planning. He is also the founding Secretary of Pivot Summit.

Aamir was appointed as General Manager of ICT Geelong at the age of 25. To promote entrepreneurship in the region of Geelong, Aamir had set the foundation of Entrepreneurs Geelong Network, a group of around 200 entrepreneurs.

Aamir pursued MBA in Information Management from Deakin University where he also completed a research project with Geelong Council and NBN on the Business Model of Geelong Smart City Hub.

He did bachelors in Mech Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University in India where he founded AMULive – the first-ever University Social Network in India, reached a mark of 5000 members within 15 days of its launch. Aamir also played a very crucial role in the establishment of an Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

In this Hindi motivational Josh Talks, see how Aamir created a strong business model and wrote his success story.
So, if you are trying to find answers to the questions such as how to become a businessman, how to start a business and how to find your passion. Then this Josh talk is for you.

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