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लड़कियों को अपने जीवन में अनेक Challenges का सामना करना पड़ता है. उन्हें कई ऐसे Struggles के बीच अपनी राह बनानी पड़ती है जहां से आगे बढ़ पाना अक्सर मुश्किल होता है. ऐसा ही कुछ प्रिया चौधरी के साथ भी हुआ.
प्रिया चौधरी ऐसे परिवार से आती हैं जहां घर से बाहर जाने की भी आज़ादी नहीं थी. प्रिया के भाई उन्हें सताते थे. यहां तक की उन्हें मारा-पीटा भी जाता था. जिसके चलते प्रिया ने फैसला किया कि वो दिल्ली जाकर अपनी पहचान बनाएगीं. प्रिया दिल्ली गई तो Challenges ने उनका वहां भी पीछा नहीं छोड़ा और पर प्रिया हार ने नहीं मानी. उन्होनें हर Struggle को हराकर अपनी पहचान बनाई. आज वो एक Modelling agency चलाती हैं.
इस जोश Talk में देखिए कैसे प्रिया चौधरी ने हर चुनौती को हराकर अपने सपनों को साकार किया.

Life is sometimes filled with struggle and challenges. There are obstacles along your way that keep you from getting where you want to go. There are stones along the way, that make the journey less easy. But for whatever reason, you still go for your dreams. You have to find success amidst all hardships and become the best version of yourself to find success.

Priya Choudhary’s story all revolves around the same theme. She had to fight with her family in order to realise her dreams.
Priya was born in a very conservative family. Her parents were strict. She was not allowed to pursue her higher studies. But she was somehow adamant to complete her graduation. She got enrolled in graduation through private learning. Then, she asked her parents to send her to Delhi. Initially, her parents were reluctant to send her but then, she got permission. In Delhi she started hunting for a job. She had to face a lot of problems and challenges. But today, after all her hard work, she is successfully running a modelling agency.
Setting an inspiring example to take things in your own hands no matter what the situation is.
Watch her journey to know how you can overcome all the challenges in your life to find success.

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